mercredi 16 janvier 2008

Amebix - No Sanctuary - 12" - 1983

Amebix, formed in England in 1978 as "The Band with No Name", were a band that many consider to have started the sub genre crust punk. Their music, heavily influenced by Motörhead (and to a lesser extent Lemmy-era Hawkwind), Black Sabbath, Venom, and early Killing Joke, combined with an ethos and worldview akin to Crass, represented their non-traditional lifestyles.

Their music blended hardcore punk and heavy metal into a form of early thrash metal. They were the forerunners of crust punk and a thrash metal pioneer. Such notable bands as Sepultura, Neurosis, Napalm Death, and Deviated Instinct have paid homage to the band.

This is one of their very first release.

01 Battery Humans
02 Control
03 Progress?
04 Sanctuary
05 The Church Is For Sinners
06 Sunshine Ward
07 Moscow Madness
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