vendredi 18 janvier 2008

The Cherry Bombz - Hot Girls In Love - EP - 1986

The 1st vinyl EP of this great glam rock band (only 2 studio vinyl EPs were out). Formed in 1985 by Andy McCoy after the disbanding of Hanoi Rocks.

Original band members: Andy McCoy (ex-Hanoi Rocks), Nasty Suicide (ex-Hanoi Rocks), Terry Chimes (ex-Clash), Anita Chellamah (ex-Toto Coelo) and Timo Caltio (ex-Hanoi Rocks).

Prior to commencing work on thier first single Dave Tregunna replaced Timo.They released two 12 inch singles in 1986 and 87, which did extremely well on the UK's Indy charts. This was followed by a live debut album and a live video called Hot girls in love. Shortly after that Chellamah was sacked. By 1988 the Cherry Bombz disbanded.

01 Hot Girls In Love
02 100 Degrees In The Shade
03 Feline Feeling
04 Oil And Gasoline
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