mardi 8 janvier 2008

The Count Bishops - 1977

A great record from the years where punk rock was understood as pure and energic rock'n'roll. review: Kicking off with a great cover of The Kinks' "I Need You," this solid, unpretentious debut album should belong in the home of every fan of English R&B from The Yardbirds to The Pretty Things to Dr. Feelgood. Guitarists Johnny Guitar and Zenon de Fleur keep it tight and simple, never wasting a note, and vocalist Dave Tice is so macho, it's enough to make you laugh. The originals are OK, if somewhat predictable blues-based rave-ups, but the energy and good cheer more than make up for the album's derivative nature. Not a deep album by any stretch of the imagination, just good dirty fun. - John Dougan

01 I Need You
02 Stay Free
03 Down In The Bottom
04 Talk To You
05 Shake Your Moneymaker
06 Down The Road A Piece
07 Baby You're Wrong
08 Don't Start Crying Now
09 Someone's Got My Number
10 Good Guys Don't Wear White
11 You're In My Way
12 Taste And Try

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Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Heavy Metal Kids link is sorted, cheers for that, still having problems with 4 be 2's.

geranium a dit…

OK nuzz. I have just updated the link to a new archive which is now in RAR format. I hope it will work better for you now!

Have a good night with 4 Be 2 and thank you for the Heavy Metal Kids

garychching a dit…

Hey man I'm having this one as well

Good posting - Thanks

geranium a dit…

I am sure with have a lot of common records ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this share.
Nice site & Good STUFF !

Anonyme a dit…

Saw them back in 78. Killer band. What a great night out.

Bill.Bo a dit…

hello rollmops,

A great presentation: your blog as well as the Count Bishops.

thank you and move on well: Bill.Bo

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