mardi 15 janvier 2008

The Depressions - 1978

Originally a Who / Small Faces cover band from Brighton called Tonge. With the onset of punk they turned into the Depressions. All of them had dyed blonde hair and the bassist singer had an eyepatch for some reason. (The Police later nicked this image minus the eyepatch!!!). No buzzsaw drone for these boys more a punkier Eddie & The Hot Rods which isn't a criticism. Usual subject matter for songs , fighting ,no money, dole, sex. The latter the basis for one of their more interesting songs ...Screw Ya the opening track of their album The Depressions ( Barn 78) is ahem...well about screwing in the most graphic sense. Stranger than this though is that they went from this sledgehammer approach to the almost thoughtful 24 carat classic Can't Stop Messin With Your Heart / Street Kid ( 1978 Barn) which everyone should own (see Always Searching For Music). The death however of an audience member in a fight at a gig ws the start of a downward spiral that saw them change their name to The DP's, release another album and then split. Stuart Home in 'Cranked Up Really High' reckons they split coz they 'spent their money on drugs and a huge truck'. He also says they were better than and more punk than The Stranglers ...........Well The Depressions had their moments but ...better than the Stranglers ????

Tonight I'm gonna screw ya...gonna give it to you so hard that you won't forget / Bring tears to your eyes and cream to your thighs / I'm the best thing that you've ever had.

01 Screw Ya
02 Radio Trash
03 Don`t Want Your Love
04 Do Something
05 High Rise Living
06 Handle With Care
07 Messing With Your Heart
08 Basement Daze
09 Family Planning
10 Chains & Leather
11 Get Out Of This Town
12 Career Girl
13 Burning Ambition
14 Street Attack
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