samedi 26 janvier 2008

Original Mirrors - 1980

One of the best new wave/rock LP ever made at my thought, with the future Lightning Seeds leader in the band. Another commercial defeat in this world of mostly crap listeners ;) This is their first over two albums.

01 Sharp Words
02 Reflections
03 The Boys The Boys
04 Flying
05 Chains Of Love
06 Could This Be Heaven?
07 Boys Cry
08 Nights Of The Angels
09 Panic In The Night
10 Feel Like A Train
pw: rollmops

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Anonyme a dit…

Great! Thank You!

Please if possible:Ice - "La Grand Guerre" - 12 E.P !

All the best


Anonyme a dit…

I still have this lp, one of my favs from that era, Thanks, Grant