jeudi 31 janvier 2008

The Pop Rivets - Empty Sounds From Anarchy Ranch - 1979

Canterbury, England's Pop Rivets (originally the Pop Rivits) played noisy, amateurish mod-garage punk and are perhaps most notable for launching the career of D.I.Y. aficionado Billy Childish. The rest of the band featured guitarist Will Power, bassist Russell Square, and a succession of drummers beginning with Valentine Lax on their self-released, self-titled debut EP and first LP, 1979's The Pop Rivits' Greatest Hits (later reissued as The Original First Album). The same year's Empty Sounds From Anarchy Ranch welcomed drummer "Li'l Russ" Wilkins, who was later replaced by Bruce Brand. The Rivets broke up in the midst of a tour, and Childish and Brand quickly joined the Milkshakes, a band formed by Rivets roadies Mickey Hampshire (guitar) and Banana Bertie (bass) to open for the Rivets. Childish would go on to a prolific career, both solo and with various outfits that often included Brand.

01 Hang Loose Mongoose
02 Skip Off School
03 2 Is 2
04 The Spoken Voice
05 I Looked Twice
06 You Really Got Me (Live)
07 Wild Thing (Live)
08 Unknown (Live)
09 Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Live)
10 Anarchy Ranch
11 (I'm Just A) Satellite (For Your Love)
12 Empty Sounds
13 Return To Anarchy Ranch
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4 commentaires:

garychching a dit…

Hey Geranium, Love the Pop Rivets (well actually anytign Childish does is good with me), excellent posting

Rob a dit…

Chatham Kent England....not Canterbury.

bashbrand a dit…

Howdy. just for the record, it was always the Pop Rivets, never 'Rivits' (there was another group called 'The Rivits'), and we were indeed from Chatham and Rochester – the Medway Towns.

'Valentine Lax' a.k.a. 'Little Russ' played drums until 1980 and was replaced by 'Cecil Batte'. Bassist was Russell Square (Russ Wilkins) now in The Wildebeests.

'Will Power' (Bruce Brand) only played guitar in the Pop Rivets, only moving to drums when eventually asked to in the already formed Mickey & The Milkshakes in 1981.

Hasty bananas.

Charlie a dit…

Nice one. Got some Pop Rivets stuff and more to come on my blog. Stuff not on CD.