samedi 19 janvier 2008

Sex Violence and the Eternal Truth - 1981

Outrageously rare 1981 UK 7" Punk compilation. Only 250 made.

01 Dodos - Blind To Fiction
02 Venom - Later On
03 What To Wear - We're The Martians
04 Lost Boys - Who Are The Meek Ones
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Anonyme a dit…

I haven't heard this for many years. (I Used to be a Venom fan, would mind hearing more by them or any of these bands for that matter)
Side one is amazing -especially that guitar solo at the end.

By the way, What to Wear featured Steve Mitchell (aka Steve Gregory)of Pooh Sticks and 45 Revolutions fame on vocals.

Check out Messthetics #104 for more details etc.