lundi 14 janvier 2008

VA - Eyes On You - 1987

The distance between Australia and France was quite small in the 2nd half of the 80's. Many french bands played as good rock'n'roll as the best aussie bands of this period. The french label "Closer" published many of these bands and had some close connections with the australian scene. This is a great compilation of some of those french bands.

01 Shifters - Someone To Talk To
02 Les Coronados - I Gonna Dance
03 Fixed Up - Fixed Up
04 Scuba Drivers - Sweet Nothing
05 Kid Pharaon And The Lonely Ones - Constitution Of Love
06 The Missing Links - Deep Feelings
07 Les Shtauss - Bang Bang Boum
08 The Boy-Scouts - When Autumn Comes
09 The Batmen - Las Vegas
10 Chaingang And The Bliss Greedies - Sick And Tired
11 Les Thugs - Dirty White Face
12 The Flying Badgers - Unknown Song
13 Shredded Ermine's - Bleedin' Rose

3 commentaires:

Eric T. Lurick a dit…

Salut Philippe, j'avais pas vu que tu l'avais déjà posté celui-ci. Quand les grands esprits se rencontrent !

geranium a dit…

Bah oui ça devait arriver, on a une intersection de discothèque pas négligeable ;-) Ca va surement arriver dans l'autre sens 1 de ces 4.

redo a dit…

very good work , thanks.
excelente recopilatorio