mardi 26 février 2008

Urban Dogs - 1983

Started in 1982 by CHARLIE HARPER of the UK SUBS to play the 100 CLUB because the UK SUBS wouldn't (they felt they shouldn't play there more than once a year because of their "pop star status"). The first main line-up of the band comprised of CHARLIE HARPER (UK SUBS - vocals/harmonica), KNOX (VIBRATORS -guitar) whom Charlie had met at a party, ALVIN GIBBS (UK SUBS - bass), and MATTHEW BEST (drums). The band had a pretty amateur approach to playing, taking the drums around in a car, and lugging the gear in to the 100 CLUB (where the band played regularly enough to almost be the house band) in front of often quite good crowds. The band did various gigs and under the management of Richard Bishop the band made an album for Fallout Records in 1983 called "URBAN DOGS", recorded at Silo Studios, west London. The album reached number 7 in the Indie charts in April 1983.

01 New Barbarians
02 Limo Life
03 New Baptism
04 I Need A Slave
05 Dragnet
06 War Babies
07 Human Race
08 I Want To Be Your Dog
09 Sex Kick
10 Be Friends
11 A Bridge Too Far
12 Human Beings
pw: rollmops

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Toxxy a dit…

D*mn great post! Thx a lot!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Love this album, don't spose you've got the 3rd one, geranium (Wipeout Beach) I think it's called.

geranium a dit…

No I dont have this one. I have another one called "pedigree".

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

That's gotta be worth a post geranium,hint, hint, dunno if you do requests my vinyl of it is FUBAR, and the digital mp3 I got hold of is missing some tracks. Not as good as this one though

geranium a dit…

OK Nuzz this is just for you :

(no pedigree - pw: rollmops)

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Thanks for that geranium

sexy a dit…