mercredi 5 mars 2008

Manikenz - I don't want romance EP - 1982

Self-released effort from this Kingston, NY band with a nice tough NY-Dolls influenced punk sound. Rare as fuck.

01 I Don't Want Romance
02 Where Are The Punks?
03 Living For The Weekend
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leegee a dit…

Wow! I just happened on this blog and I see the Manikenz E.P. I am from there as well. I used to rent P.A. stuff to these guys.. too bad you didn't post back cover too.Wild!! keep up the good work.

Jack a dit…

I grew up in High Falls! I knew Eddy and Frank from UCCC. Frank also sat in for my band's (MX -died quick and painful)drummer for a gig. We all played the Irish American Unnity Conference fundraiser at JT's Hub in New Paltz. Date was August 1984 I think. Good times eh? I rode with them to a Manikenz gig up at Columbia Green CC. I think like 12 people showed up. At one point The keyboard player (Tom?)played the first chords of Van Halen's "Jump" ....A couple of people (half the crowd!) cheered for the song . Tommy slammed a dischord and said "what are you fuckin nuts??" and they went into their version of Elvis's "Little Sister" . I could go on and on...

James Lawson UCCC 85

PB a dit…

The link is now dead. Any chance of reposting?

Anonyme a dit…

Would also love a re-post, thanks!