dimanche 6 avril 2008

The Flamin' Groovies - Now - 1978

"Flamin' Groovies Now!" is an album of more British Invasion tracks. The sound on this record, produced and engineered by Dave Edmunds, was a notable improvement over "Shake Some Action", and the group had lost none of its flair for the period or the style, though there was also precious little new ground covered. The range of styles embraced on this record was astonishing -"Between the Lines" and "Take Me Back," and especially "Good Laugh Mun" were examples of Edmunds emulating Phil Spector, and had the Groovies sounding like the Beach Boys of "Don't Worry Baby" and recalled the way the early Kinks covered American music; "House of Blue Lights" gave nods to both Merrill Moore and Chuck Berry, as well as the Stones. The songs off of side two were harder, giving them more the kind of edge one associated with the Stones or the Rockin' Vickers. But their version of Gene Clark's "Feel a Whole Lot Better" was the crowning achievement on this record, the best contemporary cover of a Byrds track ever done.

01 Feel A Whole Lot Better
02 Between The Lines
03 Up's And Down's
04 Move It
05 Take Me Back
06 Reminiscing
07 Good Laugh Mun
08 Yeah My Baby
09 House Of Blue Lights
10 Blue Turns To Grey
11 Paint It, Black
12 All I Wanted
13 Don't Put Me On
14 There's A Place
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Damián a dit…

Thanks a lot!!
I've been looking for a mp3 version of this album for ages.
You made my day.
Merci beaucoup :)

Aram a dit…

Thank you very much, did not find this disc anywhere.

Aram a dit…

Oh no, I have a problem with zshare, put "Click here to start your download" and return to the top, will be local problem (I am in Mexico)? I suppose it would be much trouble to upload on sharebee or rapidshare by a individual whim, anyway thanks for the intention...

Anonyme a dit…

78. Pirates, Rockpile, Count Bishops, Flamin' Groovies
A year to remember for gigs that just doesn't happen these days. Take me back.