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Wilko Johnson - Back in the Night - The Best Of ... 2002

From Canvey Island in Essex, Johnson played in several local groups before moving to the University of Newcastle upon Tyne to study English. Returning to Essex, he played with the Pigboy Charlie Band, which evolved into Dr. Feelgood – a mainstay of the 1970s 'pub rock' movement.
Johnson developed his own unique style, coupling a choppy guitar style with a novel dress sense (he favoured a black suit and a 'pudding bowl' haircut) and jerky movements.
It should be noted that Johnson's unique, highly percussive guitar style, was due to the fact that he did not use a pick in his right hand, something that enabled him to do rhythm and play riffs or solos at the same time. Such a style - which also made it easier to move around abruptly on stage with the jerky movements of an automaton without the fear of losing his pick - was probably derived, at least in part, from blues-oriented American fingerstyle guitar. Wilko himself describes how the style evolved from an attempt to copy the style of Mick Green of Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, a guitarist he admired enormously.
He maintained this style even after leaving Dr. Feelgood, a step that meant he missed out on Feelgood’s greatest UK success, the punk-tinged Top 10 single "Milk and Alcohol", although he was still with Dr. Feelgood when their live LP, Stupidity, reached number one in the UK Albums Chart.
In 1977, he was a founding member of the Solid Senders, and a couple of years later joined Ian Dury’s band, The Blockheads. He then formed the Wilko Johnson Band, joined by Blockhead bassist Norman Watt-Roy and drummer Salvatore Ramundo. Ramundo was later replaced by Steve Monti (former Curve and The Jesus and Mary Chain drummer).
The Wilko Johnson band still play on the pub circuit.

01.Slipping and Sliding
02.Back in the Night
03.Down by the Waterside
04.Come Back and Love Me
05.Living in the Heart of Love
06.I Keep it to Myself
07.Barbed Wire Blues08.Some Kind of Hero
09.Keep it Out of Sight
10.Turned 21
11.Dr Dupree
12.Waiting for the Rain
Sneaking Suspicion
14.Out in the Traffic
15.She Does it Right
16.Bottle Up and Go
17.Roxette (Live)
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