vendredi 29 février 2008

The Creepers - Rock'n'roll Liquorice Flavor - 1987

The Creepers successfully toyed with any musical style that grabbed their fancy, whilst always baring their obstructive and uncompromising traits. The band were renowned and remembered as a rare concoction of wit, healthy cynicism, intelligence and vitriol.
The band was established in Manchester in 1983 by Marc Riley following his departure from The Fall.
Embarking on a recording career and releasing 2 singles, Favourite Sister and Jumper Clown under his own name, Marc Riley became Marc Riley and the Creepers, under which moniker the band released a further 3 singles, Creeping at Maida Vale EP, Shadow Figure EP, and 4 A's from Maida Vale EP (all three were 4 track 12 recordings from John Peel BBC Radio 1 sessions) and 2 studio LP's, Gross Out and Fancy Meeting God! until his indispensable contribution was beyond dispute and he dropped himself (in name only) to record as The Creepers.
The band then released their most successful single to date, a cover of Enos' Babys on Fire followed by their third studio LP Miserable Sinners. This was their last release for In Tape Records and they subsequently signed to Red Rhino Records in the UK and released the single Brute before recording what was to be their last studio LP Rock n Roll Liquorice Flavour. The decision to disband the group was taken by Marc Riley at the end of 1987 before the release of the LP, in the knowledge that they had recorded their finest work, since Riley felt the bands diverse and prolific recordings under two Creeper line-ups had gone as far as he wanted to take it and as far as a world audience would accept any further possible change in musical direction.

The real cover of the vinyl is impossible to scan: entirely white with the band and record names in relief.

Liquorice Flavour
Sweet Retreat
Cheshire Life
Fillet Face
'Cept for You
Fan Club
Act Your Age
Bastard Hat
Curl Up and Dye
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mardi 26 février 2008

Urban Dogs - 1983

Started in 1982 by CHARLIE HARPER of the UK SUBS to play the 100 CLUB because the UK SUBS wouldn't (they felt they shouldn't play there more than once a year because of their "pop star status"). The first main line-up of the band comprised of CHARLIE HARPER (UK SUBS - vocals/harmonica), KNOX (VIBRATORS -guitar) whom Charlie had met at a party, ALVIN GIBBS (UK SUBS - bass), and MATTHEW BEST (drums). The band had a pretty amateur approach to playing, taking the drums around in a car, and lugging the gear in to the 100 CLUB (where the band played regularly enough to almost be the house band) in front of often quite good crowds. The band did various gigs and under the management of Richard Bishop the band made an album for Fallout Records in 1983 called "URBAN DOGS", recorded at Silo Studios, west London. The album reached number 7 in the Indie charts in April 1983.

01 New Barbarians
02 Limo Life
03 New Baptism
04 I Need A Slave
05 Dragnet
06 War Babies
07 Human Race
08 I Want To Be Your Dog
09 Sex Kick
10 Be Friends
11 A Bridge Too Far
12 Human Beings
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Les Cadavres / Vatican - Rien n'a changé - split vinyl - 1982

Issued in 1982, this autoproduced vinyl contains 2 french punk bands (one on each side). Les Cadavres are rather from 2nd punk wave style (Oi!), while Vatican is sounding more pure punk rock. They even sing in latin language!

01 Les Cadavres - Une Piaule Pour Crever
02 Les Cadavres - Trop De Colle Dans Ma Tête
03 Les Cadavres - Décharge Publique
04 Les Cadavres - Y'a D'la Joie
05 Vatican - Un Trip Pas Catho
06 Vatican - Requiem Pour Un Rat
07 Vatican - Dejeholae Rocko
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jeudi 21 février 2008

The Barracudas - 1965 Again - 1985

I can't pronounce bacarruda!

01 Summer Fun
02 Chevy Baby
03 Surfers Are Back
04 His Last Summer
05 Barracuda Waver
06 The KGB
07 I Can't Pretend
08 Rendez-Vous
09 (I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again
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lundi 18 février 2008

Legion of Parasites - Undesirable Guests - 1984

First release by this highly underestimated UK punk/hardcore band.

1. Promises
2. Savages
3. Party Time
4. Eroded Freedom
5. Hypocrite
6. Condemned to Live in Fear
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vendredi 15 février 2008

Slaughter & The Dogs - You're Ready Now - 1979

Powerful rock'n'roll single of this legendary british punk band.

01 You're Ready Now
02 Runaway
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dimanche 10 février 2008

Forgotten Rebels - This Ain't Hollywood - 1981

Forgotten Rebels 2nd LP with a Gary Glitter cover.

01 Hello Hello
02 Tell Me You Love Me
03 This Aint Hollywood
04 Dont Hide Your Face
05 Memory Lane
06 Surfin On Heroin
07 Rhona Barrett
08 Me Generation
09 The Me Generation
10 England Keep Yer Stars
11 Eve Of Destruction
12 Your Own Little World
13 Save The Last Dance For Me
14 It Wont Be Long
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Forgotten Rebels - In Love With the System - 1979

Derivative but entertaining, Ontario's Forgotten Rebels delivered trashy glam-punk with the snottiness of the Sex Pistols, the dopey humor of the Ramones, and the big hooks of Gary Glitter and T. Rex. This is the band's 1979 debut album.

01 Bomb The Boats And Feed The Fish
02 I Think Of Her
03 In Love With The System
04 Punks Are Alright
05 Rich And Bored
06 Time To Run
07 Fuck Me Dead
08 No Beatles Reunion
09 You're A Rebel Too
10 I Left My Heart In Iran
11 Elvis Is Dead
12 Bones In The Hallway
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lundi 4 février 2008

Fixed Up - 1984

The Power Trio Fixed Up was a french band from Le Havre playing some pure rock a la Radio Birdman. This is their 1st LP. You can also find them on the "Eyes On You" compilation I posted before, and also find their 2nd LP "Vital Hours" on the excellent power pop criminals blog.

01 Things Get Better
02 Get Out Of My Mind
03 Shake!
04 I Can't Stand It
05 Mojo Woman
06 Wild Side
07 Strangest Girl
08 Bottle Up And Go
09 Something Right
10 Look Out!
11 Good Times
12 Don't Forget
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